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Renkoji Temple Hondo
Renkoji Temple Hondo

Renkoji Temple is located in the Suginami Ward of the Tokyo Metropolis.  This is a small but beautiful neighborhood temple nestled in the wada part of the Suginami Ward.  This temple can be easily reached if you are in the Tokyo area by taking the Tokyo Metro to the Higashi-Koenji Station.

Renkoji Temple belongs to the Nichiren Sect of the Japanese Buddhism.  Please refer to my page about Shintoism and Buddhism for more information about various sects of the Japanese Buddhism.

Netaji Statue at Renkoji TempleIn addition to being one of the unique temples belonging to the Nichiren sect, Renkoji Temple is known to be the place where Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's ashes are interred.

Statue of Netaji at Renkoji Precincts

Subhas Chandra Bose (most widely known as "Netaji", which in Hindi language means respected leader) is an Indian freedom fighter who fought against the British Occupation of India.  Unlike most of his contemporaries like Mahatma Gandhi, who preached non violent means of achieving independence, Netaji wanted to get rid of the British from India by using military means. 

At that time the British were involved in World War II, fighting for the Allies.  The other side of the World War II were Germany and Imperial Japan.  So, it was natural for Netaji to fight the British with help from Japan.  But unfortunately Netaji died in a place crash before India could officially achieve independence.  His ashes were then brought in and kept at Renkoji Temple. 

Please read the full story of Netaji's Ashes at Renkoji Temple in the Tales and Temples Section.

Because of this distinction, Renkoji Temple is visited by many Indian politicians, dignitaries, ministers over the years.  Netaji followers and Indians from all over the world come here to pay their respects to Netaji. 

Right next to the entrance to the Temple office, there is a sign-in note book, where you can sign in and pay your respects when you visit this temple. 

Here is a video of this distinguished Temple:

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