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Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage

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Imakumano Kannon
Tablet at Imakumano Kannon Temple (Kyoto City)
(Temple No: 15 on Saikoku Pilgrimage)

Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage is also popular known as the Western Japan Kannon Pilgrimage or Kansai Region Kannon Pilgrimage.  This pilgrimage is the oldest Kannon pilgrimage in Japan and said to have been devised in 718 AD by the head priest known as Tokudo Shonin, who was a head priest at Hasedera Temple in the Nara prefecture.

But this pilgrimage did not become popular for another three hundred years, when it was revived again by a Japanese Emperor called Kazan Houo.  Since later periods from Kamakura era, this pilgrimage has become popular with general population.

This pilgrimage covers six prefectures in the Kansai region and one prefecture in Chubu region.  The kansai region prefectures are: Wakayama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga and Hyogo.  The Chubu region prefecture is the Gifu prefecture. 

I will list the temples here in the order they should be visited and provide the prefecture they belong to. 

No.  Temple Name                      Prefecture

1)    Seigantoji Temple                 Wakayama
2)    Kimiidera Temple                   Wakayama
3)    Kokawadera Temple              Wakayama

4)    Sefukuji Temple                     Osaka
5)    Fujidera Temple                     Osaka

6)    Tsubosakadera Temple          Nara
7)    Okadera  Temple                    Nara
8)    Hasedera Temple                   Nara
9)    Kofukuji Temple                      Nara   

10)  Mimurotiji Temple                    Kyoto
11)  Kami Daigoji Temple                Kyoto

12)  Iwamadera Temple                 Shiga
13)  Ishiyamadera Temple              Shiga
14)  Miidera Temple                        Shiga

15)  Imakumano Kannonji Temple  Kyoto
16)  Kiyomizudera Temple              Kyoto
17)  Rokuharamitsuji Temple          Kyoto
18)  Rokkakudo Temple                  Kyoto
19)  Gyoganji Temple                      Kyoto
20)  Yoshiminedera Temple             Kyoto
21)  Anaoji Temple                          Kyoto

22)  Sojiji Temple                            Osaka
23)  Katsuoji Temple                       Osaka

24)  Nakayamadera Temple            Hyogo
25)  Kiyomizudera Temple               Hyogo
26)  Ichijoji Temple                          Hyogo
27)  Engyoji Temple                         Hyogo

28)  Nariaiji Temple                          Kyoto
29)  Mastsunoodera Temple            Kyoto

30)  Hogonji Temple                        Shiga
31)  Chomeiji Temple                       Shiga
32)  Kannonshoji Temple                 Shiga

33)  Kegonji Temple                         Gifu

I have collected the the directions to these temples and I will post them them with the temple descriptions once I visit them.  But meanwhile if you would like to get the directions to get to any of the above temples, send me an e-mail through the contact me page.

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