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Sengakuji Temple
Sengakuji Temple Hondo (Main Worship Hall)

Sengakuji Temple is located in Takanawa, Minato ward in Tokyo.  It can be easily reached by going to Sengakuji Station on Tokyo Subway.

Sengakuji is a famous and popular Buddhist temple known throughout Japan.  Sengakuji belongs to the Soto Zen school.  Soto Zen has two main temples, Eiheiji Temple on the northwest coast and Sojiji Temple near Tokyo.  Zen Master Dogen introduced the Soto sect to Japan and founded Eiheiji Temple. 

    Sengakuji Temple Seal

Sengakuji Temple was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Shogun of Edo era, in 1612 near Edo Castle as a establishment of Dogen's tradition.  However, after only 30 years, it was devastated by fire and this led to a reconstruction at the present site.

Here is a video of the Sengakuji Temple in Tokyo.

Sengakuji Temple, aside from being one of the famous Buddhist temples in Japan, Sengakuji is famously associated with the story of 47 Ronins of Ako or Ako Gishi.  The story of Ako Gishi is a popular tale of chivalry, loyalty and sacrifice, it still touches the Japanese heart after 300 years. 

I have included a separate section about Ako Gishi in my Tales and Temples section.  Please visit 47 Ronins of Ako Gishi, to know more about this fascinating tale.

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