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Lake Biwako
Lake Biwa (Biwako) in Shiga Prefecture

Shiga prefecture is located west of Kyoto and Mie prefectures.  It is close to three major cities; Kyoto city, Osaka city and Nagoya city.  The proximity of the major cities is a major advantage to the residents of Shiga prefectures in terms of cultural and economic opportunities.

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Like Kyoto city, the Shiga prefecture is surrounded by four mountains; Ibukizan, Suzukazan, Hirazan and Hieizan.  At the center of the Shiga prefecture, there is lake Biwa (Biwako), the largest lake in Japan.  It is fed by many (around 120) rivers that originate in the mountains around Shiga prefecture.  Lake Biwa is biggest source of recreation for Shiga and Kyoto residents.  With an age of over four million years, Lake Biwa is considered as one of the worlds ancient of lakes.  With a surface area of 670 square kilometers, it occupies one sixth of the Shiga prefecture.

 Shiga Prefecture Emblem                  Shiga Mascots "Watan" and "Caffy"

There are many beautiful temples and shrines in the Shiga prefecture and many of these sites are enhanced by the presence of the picturesque views of Lake Biwa.  Saikoku (33 Kannon temples of the Kansai region) pilgrimage circuit covers six temples in the Shiga prefecture area.

The Mt. Hiei (Hieizan) is considered as sacred as Mt. Koya (Koyasan) in the Nara prefecture.  Hieizan is home for Enryakuji temple (a UNESCO World heritage site) and is one of the most important temples in all of Japan.  Temples on both Hieizan and Koyasan have trained many Buddhist monks, who are responsible for many of the sects of Buddhism that are prevalent in Japan today.  At the height of it's popularity the Enryakuji temple precincts known to have about three thousand buildings around the Mt. Hiei valleys and had it's own private military.

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