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"Dai" Symbol on Western Mountains in Kyoto City
(Used for fire festival in August every year)

In this section I want to include some special topics associated with the Temples of Japan.  Listing just the temples, I might miss other fascinating aspects of the Japan Temples, such as the Tales associated with some of these Temples, beautiful Zen Gardens that are part of some of these Temples (specially in the temples in Kansai region).  I will also try to cover some notable Buddhist monks responsible for building these temples and shrines. 

In addition, I want to provide special treatment to holy sites, where there are a cluster of these temples and shrines such as Nikko or Kamakura.  That way I can provide you with more information about the city or the place itself and other fascinating aspects of that place.

As I travel more and more, I would like to add more special topics, so as with the rest of my website, please keep coming back.

Current list of Special Topics listed below:

Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism
Buddhist Monks
Zen Gardens
Tales & Temples
Holy Sites in Japan

 ..... I will add more, please keep coming back!!!

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