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Kanto Region as seen above, probably smallest of all the regions among the regions in Japan in size but it is the most populated area in all of Japan.  This region played a second fiddle to Kansai region during the Heian era in cultural and commercial areas.  But now it is the richest and the commercial hubs of all of Japan.  Specifically because of the presence of Tokyo, which is the capital city of Japan since the Meiji period.  Japan, as a second largest economy (until recently) in the world, has big chunk of the economic activity concentrated in the Kanto region.

When it comes to Temples and Shrines, Kanto Region takes the second place after the Kansai Region, in both concentration, historical/religious importance and number.  Two of the largest temples  (number of people visited yearly) in Japan are Sensoji Temple of Asakusa and Kawasaki Daishi temple in Kawasaki city.  Both are located in the Kanto region.

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In addition to the capital of Tokyo since Edi/Meiji periods, one of the ancient capitals of Japan, Kamakura is located in Kanagawa prefecture of the Kanto region.  Kamakura is also known for it's temples and shrines of historical and religious significance, as much as Kyoto and Nara. 

When it comes to temple pilgrimages, Kanto Region has it's own kannon pilgrimage circuit.  It is called Bando pilgrimage (Bando Junrei) or Bando 33 Kannon Pilgrimage.  Although it is not as old as the Saikoku pilgrimage, it is attached with as much historical significance as the Saikoku pilgrimage.  For more about these pilgrimages please visit my Pilgrimages section.

There are seven prefectures in the Kanto region.  They are Tokyo Metropolis, Kanagawa, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki and Chiba.  In addition to temples in Kamakura in Kanagawa prefecture, the area of Nikko in Tochigi has the most beautiful temples and shrines.  Nikko's temples and shrines are desginated as UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the most visited places in Japan.

I will further subdivided the temples and shrines by prefecture. Choose each one of the links below to take you the temples and shrines of each of the prefectures.  Enjoy!!!

Temples and Shrines of Tokyo Metropolis
Temples and Shrines of Kanagawa Prefecture
Temples and Shrines of Saitama Prefecture
Temples and Shrines of Gunma Prefecture
Temples and Shrines of Tochigi Prefecture
Temples and Shrines of Chiba Prefecture

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If you would like to see the entire Kanto region temple index, please use the link below to search through the entire list.

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