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Mt. Fuji (Fujisan) as seen from a speeding Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Riding a Train
, anywhere in the world is probably most fascinating and great way of seeing that particular part of the world.  But riding a train in japan is probably more spectacular. 

The reason is because of the diversity of the landscapes in Japan between short distances.  Japanese landscape can switch between "coastline to a ravine to a mountain" or "rainy to snowy (during the season) to sunny" or "big city setting to industrial suburb to a paddy field"; all in the space of a single train ride.  Riding trains in the city setting like Tokyo is also fun because of the sky scrapers, the complexity of the coordination between different types of trains with different speeds and personality of the trains, themselves.

Here is a video of Riding a Limited (Rapid) Express train in
Chiba Prefecture:

So, keeping up with the spirit of the my fascination with Trains of Japan, I made an effort to capture as much information as possible while Riding Trains in Japan.  I will present here a gamut of trains rides, everything including riding Shinkansens to the Yamonate line in Tokyo Metropolis.  I hope to make this section fun and informative as my other sections in my web site.

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