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Japanese Bullet Train (Shinkansen)
Bullet Train Pulling into JR Kyoto Station
(As seen from Kyoto Tower)

Welcome to Train Stations of Japan.

Japan is a country where the old and new seem to exist in perfect harmony.  You can walk into a Sushi place, where they use some kind of a "microchip" on the Sushi Plates to calculate the total price of your dinner.  Then you can walk next door to another Sushi place, where they may be using an "abacus" to calculate your total bill.

It is this kind of contrast and harmony, you see with the Trains and Train Stations in Japan.  There are train stations like JR Ueno Station, which is the most modern train station and where most Bullet Trains stop.  And then there are stations that are in the remote areas, which are wood built and have not changed for many years (except for the communication and signalling systems). 

During my Temple travels in Japan, I have come across many stations that are big/small, new/old and lively/lost.  But each one of these stations has a character and charm of it's own.

As with my other web pages, I want to keep the presentation of these train stations I have visited entertaining, yet informative.

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